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Admission Process

The front office staff at the reception will assist you during the admission process. They will draw out an estimate and guide you for selecting the relevant category of room.

In addition, you will be required to make an advance payment. The advance shall be adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge. The staff will escort the patient to the allotted room/bed and make you feel comfortable.


When you have a health concern, detailed and reliable test results help you and your physician make the best possible treatment decisions. Our laboratory services partner with your health care providers to give you the critical information you need. The results from lab tests allow physicians to detect disease earlier, plan appropriate treatments and monitor results.

Our laboratories offer complete clinical and pathology services for the people of Lower Assam and Meghalaya. They are highly computerized and well-equipped with instruments employing the latest technology.

With our Research Center, we are dedicated to have the best of the testing equipments assuring the optimum accuracy of the results. The lab has the necessary equipments to do the testing of all the minor and major illness. Our high-end laboratory equipments, including the Blood Bank are operated by the most experienced Pathologist & Biochemists providing 24 hour service to one and all.

Services include:

  • Clinical chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Blood banking (transfusion services)
  • Hematology
  • Surgical pathology
  • Cytology
  • Histology


Blood Bank

blood bank is a center where blood gathered as a result of blood donation, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion. The term "blood bank" typically refers to a division of a hospital where the storage of blood product occurs and where proper testing is performed (to reduce the risk of transfusion related adverse events). 

If you donate blood , you can help in saving lives of many patients .
Thousands of patients need blood transfusion as in the following conditions :-
Patients suffering from haemorrhage due to casualities , surgical procedures and labours. Haemophilic patients , Chronic Anaemia, Malignancy Thalassemic patients, Bone Marrow transplantation, Neonatal jaundice and others… 
Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal . 
The volume of blood donation is 370:400 ml, almost 7.5% of the adult blood volume.


It is compensated in a short period of time .
When you donate blood , You will get a medical examination including medical history , hemoglobin estimation and blood group determination. 
The donated blood will be tested for hepatitis B , C , HIV viruses , syphilis microbe , together with liver function tests also HCV RNA by PCR. 


Adult blood volume is 5 to 6 Liters.
Blood is a red coloured fluid that contains continuously renewing cells like red blood cells which renew every 4 months, 
platelets that renew every week and also white blood cells. 
The cells are swimming in the liquid part of the blood , the plasma. 
The blood carries oxygen by RBCs from the lungs into the tissues to generate energy.
It carries out carbon dioxide to be expired through the lungs.


White blood cells play a key role in immunity.
Plalelets and plasma are responsible for stopping the bleeding from wounds by clotting of the blood.



Health Camp

Solace Hospital has been organizing CMEs(Health Camps) in the rural areas of Assam and the neighbouring areas of Goalpara ever since its inception. One of our major efforts was in the Bajengdoba High School area wherein more than a thousand patients were treated and provided free medicines. More importantly, the rural people were treated with E.C.G. & Blood test done totaly free of cost. A team of Doctors, who accompanied the Health Camp made sure the successful processing and completion of the event. We have also successfully conducted several other CMEs in various locations and one such occassion was with our most renowned Neuro-Surgeon, Dr. N. C. Borah.


Expansion of health care facilities, growing complexity and advancement of medical technology have substantially enhanced the need for nurse, hence Solace Hospital a hundred bedded hospital, has taken the initiative to start a school of nursing in the name of : 
and its situated at:-
Agia Road, Goalpara

SOLACE INSTITUTE OF NURSING is recognized by Indian Nursing Council (New Delhi - 110002 ) & Assam Nursing Council.

i. The course is known as  “Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery” – (GNM)
ii. The syllabus for the GNM course is in accordance with the Syllabus and Regulations laid down by the Indian Nursing Council.
iii. It is a regular and Residential Training Course.
iv. The session starts from 1st September Every Year.
v. Seats Available: 20 (Twenty only).

   GNM Training period is 3 years (with effect from session starting on 01.09.2015).



: Only female candidates.

Age limit

: Between 17 to 30 years within 1st September of the   prevalent year.

Educational Qualification

: Higher Secondary (10+2) passed or its Equivalent.   40% marks in  Compulsory subjects in any stream,   preferably science.


: Able to read, write and Speak in Assamese, Hindi   and English.

Residential Certificate

: Candidate should be a Citizen of India

The residential certificate should be duly signed by any of the Authorities as mentioned in the Prospectus. 

Prospectus and Application Forms for admission are available at SOLACE INSTITUTE OF NURSING

Agia Road, Goalpara
Assam - 783121
Between  10 am  – 3 pm  except Sunday

Contact : 7896157662, 9707623784

Physiotherapy services

About physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a profession which works to develop, maintain and restore movement and functional ability, maximising quality of life for people. Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function who work with patients and carers, families, healthcare professionals and the public. They help people of all ages affected by disease, injury and disability through exercise, manual therapy, technology, education and advice.

Company Overview

Solace Hospital is a major Health Care centre in Lower Assam. Since its establishment in 1998, it has been our endeavour to strive for excellence in Health care with a continual up graduation of our facilities.

This commitment to Quality is a way of life at Solace Hospital and it reflects in the way our Surgeons, Nursing staff and supporting administrative staff treat the patients to improve comfort in distress.