Facilities Available

Facilities Available

OPD and 24 Hours Emergency Service

At Solace Hospital, the Emergency & Out-Patient Department is well equipped with quick call to action training and experience to handle any circumstances with ease keeping in mind the comfort of the patient. With a technically sound trauma care unit rendering its services day in and day out, we are determined to deliver the best in healthcare sector in Assam.

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine offers a wide range of services. It provides specialist care for patients with undifferentiated symptoms and conditions in an effective and timely manner, and provides holistic care for the patient.

General Surgery

All types of surgery done here such as : Breast Tumors, Thyroid, Complicated Cholecystectomy, C. B. D. stone, Cancer Surgeries etc. are done on a regular basis. In addition to the general surgeries Lap-Cholecystectomy, Lap Appendectomy, Adhesiolysis are routinely practiced. The hospital is soon starting with ERCP and advanced Thorapentic Endoscopic procedure.

24x7 Pharmacy Service

Our Pharmacy is open 24-hours with qualified pharmacists for your assistance. We offer genuine drugs to our customers which are procured directly from leading manufacturers, so you don�t have to worry! Here you can find a wide range of prescription medicines, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, food supplements, toiletries, skin care, baby care products & many more.


Our Pediatrics Department provides comprehensive pediatric healthcare, baby clinic, as well as a range of specialty and therapy services. It also includes training and counselling on developing healthy habits, as well as stressing the importance of regular pediatric and dental appointments, preventative healthcare and tips on healthy diet & exercise along with routine vaccination. A special baby care unit has been set up for neonates with facilities of phototherapy, ex-change transfusion etc.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Established in 1998, the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Solace Hospital is a comprehensive clinical department that provides investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of obstetric and gynecological conditions.


An eminent neurologist visits the hospital for consultant weekly or monthly basis.

Orthopaedic Surgery(Under C-Arm II TV System)

Equipped with C-Arm and compatible table for performing all types of advanced operations, the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery provides specialist medical and surgical treatment of all musculoskeletal diseases.

ENT specialist and head and neck cancer surgery

The Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Centre is a tertiary centre providing diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of both common and highly complex ENT disorders, as well as diseases affecting the head and neck. The centre is run by professional team of doctors and nurses dedicated towards offering the latest treatment options to patients.


A visiting cardiologist is available on monthly basis for Consulation, Echocardiography is also done here


Dermatology department is attended regularly by the visiting specialist.

Laboratory with modern equipments(24 hour service)

Our laboratories handle and prepare medical specimens/samples for analysis, process and analyze these samples then deliver the test results/findings to our patients and their requesting doctors. Our licensed Medical Laboratory offers a wide range of services in the following key sections: � Haematology & Immunohaematology � Biochemistry � Special Chemistry (Immunology, Hormone, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) � Serology � Body Fluids, Stool & Urine Analysis � Microbiology � Histopathology

Blood bank(24 hour service)

We have a 24 hr open blood bank in our premises with the best of Lab experts to meet your emergency requirements at any point of time. The Blood Bank, Solace Hospital & Research Centre offers whole blood round the clock. Every Effort is made by the qualified staff that every unit that leaves the Blood Bank is safe for patients. Blood units are taken only from voluntary donors. All standards set by the state authorities are met.

CT Scan(24x7)

The Solace Hospital Diagnostics and Imaging Department is one of the most up to date in the state. The services we offer include: Computer Tomography (CT) Scans � X-Ray Digitalized

Video Endoscopy

The Endoscopy Centre utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. Patients can be treated in an in-patient or outpatient setting. Colonoscopy is also done at Solace Hospital.


Ultrasonography uses sound waves to produce pictures of structures within the body. These images often provide important information to help physicians diagnose and treat several different diseases and conditions.While ultrasonography is often related to examining a fetus in utero, there are actually many different possibilities for ultrasounds to evaluate and diagnose issues. Ultrasounds may also be used to check for gallbladder disease, guide for biopsy and treatment of cancerous tumors, study the heart, evaluate problems in muscles and tendons and even diagnose some forms of cancer.

Ultrasound is a very safe procedure with no known risks, as the images are gleaned from low-power sound waves.

Ambulance and Pharmacy Services

Solace Hospital operates the Ambulance & Pharmacy services round the clock for the people. The ambulance is fully equipped with the emergency amenities with trained paramedics/driver on board. The pharmacy adds to the 24hr service wherein our medical experts are always ready to help you with your necessities.


Dr. Ankit Patawary MBBS,MD,DM (RHEUMATOLOGY) Consultant at Nemcare Hospital,Guwahati will be available on 17th  January ,2021 For registration: 9401226800, 8638657843